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Yay, I'm a member.

Name: TJ
Age: 18
Gender: Male
From: West Virginia
Why do you believe in waiting till marriage? It's in the Bible, minimizes trauma when you break up, you don't have to explain anything to an angry father in the present, you don't have to explain anything to an angry wife in the future on why she waited and you didn't, it would disappoint my family... the list could go on and on. Bottom line: It's supposed to be better if you wait. And I just wanna save myself for my wife.
Does religion have anything to do with your choice? Yes, I'm a Christian.
What’s your opinion on premarital sex? Against.
Pictures (optional)? None right now.
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"It's in the Bible." Sure is. :) 1 thessalonians chapter four.

"Yes, I'm a Christian."

Me too. I know a few "christians" who didn't wait or are "waiting"
And do other things. But they still call themselves Christians?
Luke 6:46

Welcome to the community. ;)
Thanks! :D